Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD...  
Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD...
Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD... Actualité BD, manga, comics, dates de sortie, rumeurs... Les immanquables BD, manga et comics Les thèmes BD Les interviews BD, comics et manga Les forums BD, comics, manga, loisir hors BD...   Ajouter une série !
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Glénat BD Accéder au flux Glénat BD Ce diable de Lesdiguières
The X-Files Archives - Tome 4
Les Souvenirs de Mamette - Tome 2 NE
Dickie Kid - Tome 1
Gustave Caillebotte - Edition Spéciale Yerres
Gustave Caillebotte

Glénat Manga Accéder au flux Glénat Manga A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : Ajin - Tome 09
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : Ayakashi Légendes des 5 royaumes - Tome 02
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : Bleach - 13th Blades
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : Dragon Ball Super - Tome 02
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : Gunnm - Édition originale - Tome 05
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : Gunnm Mars Chronicle - Tome 03
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : One Piece - Édition originale - Tome 83
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : One Piece - Édition originale 20 ans - Tome 83
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : Roman Tokyo Ghoul - Tome 01
A PARAÎTRE le 05/07/2017 : Tokyo Ghoul Re - Tome 08

Kazé Manga Accéder au flux Kazé Manga Japan Expo 2017 : animations Platinum End, Fire Punch, Takane & Hana et Black Clover !

Les Humanoïdes Associés Accéder au flux Les Humanoïdes Associés Blog : Interview de Saverio Tenuta à l'occasion de la sortie du Masque de Fudo T2

Comics Book Resources En anglais Accéder au flux Comics Book Resources The Superman Story So Odd They Invented Imaginary Stories to Retcon It
That Time She-Hulk ‘Saved’ a Bunch of Crooks from the Punisher
Marvel Studios Might Bring One-Shots Back, Says Tom Holland
My Little Pony: The Movie Trailer Reveals Star-Studded Cast
Spider-Man: Homecoming: New App Lets You Hang Out With Spidey
Game Of Thrones: The 15 Most Sadistic Moments (So Far)
Guardians of the Galaxy Nearly Had A Star Wars Easter Egg
Tom Holland Isn’t Allowed to Read Avengers: Infinity War Script
James Gunn Once Pitched Marvel a Power Pack MAX Series
Yummy Mummies: 15 Mummies You Should Unravel Instead Of The Universal Movie
Disney Reportedly Loved Han Solo Sizzle Reel
Buffy Experiences Mama Drama In Latest High School Graphic Novel
Watch Spider-Man Scare Customers at a Coffee Shop
Curb Stomp: The 15 Most Brutal One-Sided Fights In Comics
Disney Gets Nothing From Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Box Office Take
REVIEW: Secret Weapons #1 Soars Confidently, Even for Non-Valiant Fans
Deadpool 2: Josh Brolin Shares Cable Makeup Process Photo
Wonder Woman to Pass BvS, Becoming Top DCEU Film Domestically
Secret Empire #5 Promises Many Unhappy Returns, Teases Generations Clues
Marvel’s Spider-Man Retells Origin Story in Animated Short
Logan’s Hugh Jackman Is The Greatest Showman in First Trailer
REVIEW: King & Weeks’ Batman/Elmer Fudd Is Comics Noir At Its Finest
Riverdale Season 2 May Introduce Another Archie Comics Character
Hugh Jackman Is The Greatest Showman in First Trailer
15 Reasons Optimus Prime Is WORSE Than ANY Decepticon
Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Batalon Would Love to See Ned Leeds Break Bad
Every DC Universe Original Movie To Be Collected In A Massive Box Set
Marvel’s Kevin Feige: ‘Oh, Thank God’ For Wonder Woman
Does A Dark Secret Between Batman & Zatanna Enable [SPOILER]’s Return?
The Batman May Be ‘Noir-Driven’ Detective Film, Director Says
Hasbro-ing Out: All 17 Hasbro Films Ranked
EXCLUSIVE: Skottie Young’s Shirtless Bear-Fighter #2 ‘Baby Beariant’
Marvel Has Discussed Bringing Captain Britain Into MCU
Iron Man Dons New Armor in Avengers: Infinity War Set Photos
Rebirth Reveals The New Origin Of The Reverse Flash
Dressing Down: The 15 Worst Female Costumes In Superhero Cartoons
Deadpool 2: Ryan Reynolds Welcomes Hunt for the Wilderpeople Star
How IDW’s Transformers Movie Comics Outshine Michael Bay’s Films
Wonder Woman #25
The Kamandi Challenge #6
The Hellblazer #11
Square Enix’s Black Panther Figure is T’Challa Like You’ve Never Seen Him
The Flash #25
Teen Titans #9
Supergirl: Being Super #4
Suicide Squad #20
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #27
Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Trailer Reveals Series Premiere Date
iZombie EP Rob Thomas Dishes on S3 Finale, Reveals S4 Details
Jessica Henwick Almost Dropped Out of Game of Thrones S7 for Iron Fist
Mother Panic #8
Thor: Ragnarok Art Offers New Look at Odin, Loki, Hela & More
Lucifer #19
Justice League of America #9
Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam Special #1
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #23
Justice League: Zack Snyder Shares Photo of Batman’s Suit
Edgar Wright Refuses to Watch Ant-Man
Batman/The Shadow #3
Astro City #45
Blue Beetle #10
Detective Comics #959
Batman Beyond #9
Batgirl #12
Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 #6
Can Marvel’s Legacy One-Shot Recreate the DC Universe: Rebirth Effect?
Captain Obvious: The 15 Worst Kept Secret Identities In Comics
Dark Horse Unveils American Gods, Black Hammer Comic-Con Exclusives
Jack Kirby Fan Campaign Asks Google to Honor the Comic Legend
Jughead #16
No Team No! The 15 Most Terrible Super Teams In Comics
Stan Lee Hated the ’70s Live-Action Spider-Man Show
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