Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD...  
Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD...
Accueil de BD-theque : bande dessinée, comics, manga, forum BD, actualité BD... Actualité BD, manga, comics, dates de sortie, rumeurs... Les immanquables BD, manga et comics Les thèmes BD Les interviews BD, comics et manga Les forums BD, comics, manga, loisir hors BD...   Ajouter une série !
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Futuropolis Accéder au flux Futuropolis A découvrir : Notre Amérique T2

Le Lombard Accéder au flux Le Lombard La prison dorée
Un âge à part entière
Enquête sur une galaxie floue

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15 Classic Marvel Covers That Would Never Get Past Today’s Censors
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Comic Book History of Comics: Comics For All #4
Punks Not Dead #2
We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust
30 Days of Night #4
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #64
The Spider King #2
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #20
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Gears of War: The Rise of RAAM #3
Witchblade #4
Dissonance #2
The Mighty Crusaders #4
Archie #29
Mark Hamill Returns to Star Wars as Young Luke in Forces of Destiny Short
Anthony Mackie Calls Avengers: Infinity War ‘Most Human’ MCU Film
Chadwick Boseman Announces He Will Host SNL
Dan Jurgens’ Action Comics #1000 Variant Explores Superman’s History
Legends of Tomorrow Turns a Surprising Character Into a Totem-Bearer
Disney Developing Live-Action Lady and the Tramp Movie
The 15 Darkest Secrets About Jessica Rabbit
Infinity War: Gurira Reveals Okoye’s Thoughts on Avengers in Wakanda
It’s Official: Justice League is the Lowest-Grossing DCEU Movie
The Dark Knight’s Metal: 20 Batman Armors, Ranked
Big Screen Injustice: 15 Times The DCEU Angered Real DC Fans
Dark Horse to Publish Incredibles 2 Tie-In Comics
EXCLUSIVE: Dark Horse’s Xerxes, Incognegro, Mata Hari June 2018 Covers
Handmaid’s Tale Star Joins Adaptation of DC/Vertigo’s The Kitchen
Dynamite Confirms Creative Team for Charlie’s Angels Comics Series
Titans Special #1 Will Explore Aftermath of Metal, Justice League: No Justice
DC Comics’ June 2018 Solicitations
Vampire Diaries: 15 Hilariously Dank Couples Memes
Caity Lotz Teases Black Canary Return on Legends of Tomorrow
Mister Miracle Takes Skip Month in June
Marvel 2-in-One Shows What Happened When Doctor Doom Beat Reed Richards
Harry Potter And the Chamber Of 15 Behind The Scenes Secrets
Infinity War: ‘The Last Shawarma’ Fan Art Comes With Stan Lee Cameo
Zak Penn Aims to Expand The Matrix Universe With New Film
Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie May Not Be R-Rated, Says Simon Pegg
Scott & Barda’s Baby is the Key to Mister Miracle’s False Reality
Legends of Tomorrow Adds Matt Ryan’s Constantine as S4 Series Regular
17 Arrowverse Villains That Look Better Than The Heroes
Marvel Unveils New Cloak & Dagger Poster, Teases Trailer Debut
Justice League: Batman & Superman Unite in Deleted Footage
Batman ’66 to Meet Archie Andrews in New Crossover
Barry Allen & Wally West Face Off in Tease of Flash War’s First Page
Kirkman & Silvestri’s Stellar Revived With New Creative Team
15 Fan Theories That Would Have Made Justice League A Better Movie
Infinity War: Sebastian Stan Is Up For a Bucky Barnes/Falcon Buddy Movie
Agents of SHIELD’s Shotgun Ax Is the Next Great Marvel Weapon
Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones & More Dynamite Comics On Sale March 21, 2018
James Bond: The Body #3
Vampirella #11
Pathfinder: Spiral of Bones #1
10 Times Wolverine Slipped By Censors (And 5 Times He Got Caught)
Iron Man & Spider-Man’s Relationship ‘Evolves’ in Infinity War
Indiana Jones 5 to Begin Filming in April 2019
Ahead of Flash War, Barry & Wally’s Speed Force Connections are Redefined
Russo Brothers Share Infinity War Parody Poster of Logan: Thanos
Former Captain Marvel Actress Interested in Playing Storm
The Immortal Hulk Just Met the Iron Hulk In Avengers: No Surrender
EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Boyzarro ‘Complicates’ Superboy’s Life in Superman #43
15 All Grown Up Disney Characters (That Will Leave You Shook)
Teen Titans: 15 Members That Fans Are Afraid To Admit They Actually Hate
Comic Legends: Was Peanuts Named Without Looking at the Actual Strip?
Comic Legends: Was Peppermint Patty Invented For Her Own Comic Strip?
The Walking Dead: What Does ‘The Key’ Mean For The Rest Of The War?
The 15 Most Awkward Superhero Actor Selfies
Did The Walking Dead Just Introduce Another Major Comics Storyline?
AMC’s Preacher Casts A Familiar Face from the Comics
TV Legends: Which of the Main South Park Kids Nearly Died in Season 5?
8 Characters Gone From The Arrowverse That Fans Want Back (And 7 That Can Stay Away)
One True Glare: The 15 Most Controversial OTPs In Pop Culture
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